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Event and Room Settings

The Church @117 can be setup for all events of any size.

Here are some previous room and event setups to inspire you to plan your next event with us!

Past Events

Follow the journey of The Church @117

Our Team

First Wedding Event

The first event hosted by The Church @117 and the first wedding to be held at this location in well over a decade. Our event space hosted this beautiful function by providing a wonderful space for catering, tables with abundant seating space, a dance floor, as well as a multitude of other amenities!


Open House

The Church @117 opened its doors to the public on Thursday January 5, 2017 for an open house event. This event showcased a years worth of renovation and highlighted the true magnificence of this building within the heart of the Manchester Tennessee community.

Grand Opening Night

Saturday January 7, 2017 marked the grand opening of The Church @117. Opening its doors officially for the first time in many years, The Church hosted a community gathering with live music, food, and entertainment.


Wedding Events Photo Album

Photos of one of the many weddings to be held at The Church @117. Beautiful decor and spacious rooms make for a special day for the bride and groom.

Credit for Photos Below : Michelle Barnett Photography

Local Events Photo Album

Photos of local events held at The Church @117. From stylish fashion shows to community based fundraisers and gatherings, our location makes the perfect backdrop for all special events.

Credit for Photos Below: ShinsDesigns

Wedding Events Photo Album

Photos of live music events held at The Church @117. With funky vibes, jazz, and sometimes a little rock you can always guarantee an amazing show at our wonderful venue.

Credit for Photos Below: ShinsDesigns


Here's what our customers and guests have to say about The Church @117!

An awesome event space!!! Amazing sound and lighting options and the stained glass in the main room is gorgeous!!

It's great to see another option in town for events! I'm glad someone is investing in the history of Manchester.

Manchester's own Mother Church certainly did not disappoint and I am looking forward to attending future events there.

The Church is such a cool spot! Very unique and special! Nashville doesn't even have anything like it! Lucky us to have this as an option!

They were fabulous and the quality of music and sound in the room was among the best I have heard… I am not sure if it is the history, the stained glass or the sound quality at the Ryman but this new Manchester event center has a little bit of that same magic to me.

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