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Photo and Video Gallery

The Church @117 has been standing tall in Manchester TN for over a century. After undergoing extensive renovations to bring it into the modern era while still maintaining its rich and proud heritage, the church has become the prime location for hosting events, celebrating special occasions, and makes the ideal backdrop for photo and video shoots.

Renovation Photo Gallery

Explore the history of The Church @117 through our photo gallery that will take you through the renovation process all the way to our grand reopening as an integral part of the downtown district of Coffee County.

Before/After Renovation Photo Album

After renovations, The Church at 117 looks so drastically different we couldn't help but

share these before/after photos to show you the change!


Before renovations this room was used primarily for storage. Now it's a gorgeous bridal room with full-length mirrors and pristine white walls.


Before renovations this beautiful lighting fixture was in disrepair and hidden away. Now it's back to its former glory and proudly on display in our main entrance.


Before renovations this room was sectioned off and filled to the brim with storage. Now it's a fully functioning entertaining space and the focal point of The Church @117.


Before renovations the view in this room was cluttered, leaving it unusable. Now it's a space that holds 15 tables and a stage area making it perfect for special events.


Before renovations this room was packed with miscellaneous items. Now it features clean white walls and a beautiful white tiled floor. Also including a bar, ice maker, and fridge this room is ideal for catering.


Before renovations these stained glass windows were covered up with black paint, obscuring them completely. Now they've been restored and allow for natural lighting to flood through the main entertaining space. 

Video Gallery

The Church @117 is finally reopened after an extensive restoration process that brings out the true beauty of the building. Showcased in the video below is just a glimpse into all of the work that was put into making The Church @117 Manchester's premiere venue!

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